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Space Kangurus stars
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Space Kangurus astronaut

Claim your Exclusive
Space Suit
and more...

Get exclusive rewards by watching streams
Just connect your accounts

Space Kangurus full space suit
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Sign in with one of your Steam or Xbox Account.

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Connect your Twitch Account.

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Watch steams and get rewards.

Space Kangurus earth


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How do I get my items in game?

Once you watched partner streams and received your rewards, play the game and you will receive your rewards.

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How do I check my progress for the reward I am trying to earn?

You can track your progress on this page, step 4.

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I did not receive my rewards, what do I do?

We are sorry that you didn’t receive your rewards, you can let our team know about this. 😉

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How can I remove account linkings?

For Twitch, you can remove connected accounts on this page, and search for Space Kangurus.
For Xbox, please go on this page and edit Space Kangurus.

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How can I be selected as a Twitch Streamer for drops to be enabled on my channel?

If you are a Space Kangurus players, you can get our community team to flag your Twitch channel as a partner stream. Let us know!. 😉

This is a live demo to show our technology.Request a demo